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Ironman Triathlon Recovery

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Recovery and how to properly fuel yourself is an important element of triathlon. For me this is sometimes a difficult road. I do have a very big sweet tooth and always struggle when I return from a long session. My first thought is to pig out on anything I can find. This is sometimes not the best option and leaves me hungry only moments later. For me this meant taking a better look at how I recover and what I need to do to avoid eating the wrong fuel.

I first started using Pro4mance on returning to Australia and have loved the products that they offer. My recover post session includes three key parts.

  1. Rehydration – I have both water and Pro4mance Prodrate, this product is fantastic for re-hydration depending on the temperature and the difficulty of the session I have 2-3 scoops in 750ml of water.

  2. Rebuilding- I have Pro4mance Procover, this is a protein, carbs and electrolyte blend that also helps me avoid that mad snacking feeling

  3. Muscle recovery- I do some warm down exercises as well as icing and stretching. This is important for me as I am somewhat injury prone. To avoid this I want to make sure that I do the correct thing post session.

Pro4mance recovery protein balls

Recipe is a little by feel but here goes-

  • Pro4mance recovery (vanilla) for carbs, protein, electrolytes, Vitamin C and amino acids

  • Ancient superfood Maca powder for Potassium

  • Tumeric as an anti-inflammatory

  • Chia seeds for dietary fiber and Omega 3

  • Some fruit and nuts for good taste

  • Water to mix it all together into a ball

Then just put them into the fridge to settle and then enjoy.

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