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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is your style of coaching?

TriEdge Coaching works on a 4 week cycle, with every 4th week being an 'absorption' week. This allows us to produce strong, resilient athletes who can train consistently as injury rate is decreased with such a method. 

We believe that Triathlon improvement is a 'process. It takes time, be patient, stick to the plan, build consistency and the rewards are ever increasing and achievable. 

Are all of your coaches qualified?

100%. TriEdge coaching is not in the business of giving unqualified advice. Our coaches are all Triathlon Australia verified as well as TrainingPeaks qualified.

How much contact do I get with my coach?

Our belief is that if you have a question - you generally want it answered as soon as possible. We are open to contact on many platforms (text, messenger, email, phone, whatsapp, social media) and endeavour to reply as quickly as we can. Contact is not limited - within reason.

What are your fees?

All of our coaches currently have availability for new athletes. 
Jarrod is charged $60AUD/week
Nathan is chargied $55AUD/week
Ryley is charged at $50AUD/week
All coaches have a $75AUD initial start-up fee

How long is the minimum commitment?

We do require a minimum 4 month commitment. This coincides with our coaching philosophy - Process driven. If you are after instant results and short cuts, we are not the organisation for you. Good things take time to blossom - coaching is the same. We also require 4 weeks notice if you would like to stop any debits.

Will you be at every race?

Whilst we endeavour to get to as many races as we can sometimes it just isnt possible. We attempt to get to as many 70.3 and Ironman branded races as we can within Australia and New Zealand and if large numbers are racing internationally we will fly there as well. We understand the importance of 'race week' support - as we are Triathletes ourselves.

Do we have to wear TriEdge Racing gear?

Not at all. TriEdge Racing was created to allow like minded people to race in the same colours and be a part of a fun and enjoyable team. If you have your own kit you love or personal ambassador deals - go for it.

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